North West Griquas – Noordwes Griekwas



Under the auspice of The Griqua Royal House


                                                                                    BARENSE GRIQUA HOUSE – NALEDI

       6 First Avenue Colridge Vryburg8601 Tell:053 927 2715 Fax:086 219 0222 Email: Cell 0785298573


Chris Pienaar                                                                                                                                                                        Date: 10-10-2012



Dear Honourable High Comm A.M.W Messelaar

Great is the pleasure to thank you and the entire Administration for the work that you are doing and the doors that you are opening for the Griqua Royal House and to listen to our untimely complaints.


A Slaves Dream

  • Beside the ungathered rice he lay
  • His sickle in his hand
  • His breast was bare
  • His matted hair was buried in the sand
  • Wide through the landscape of his dreams
  • He saw his Native Land


Our leadership is divided into 3 Categories

  1. Autocrat –    Poor leadership
  2. Democrat – The best type of leadership
  3. Laissez Faire – Opposite of Autocrat Leadership

Volgens EL Fick R was Barend Barendse se stamhoofskap teen 1830 die mees stabiele Leierskap in Griekwastad.




Here are the following inputs of leadership to drive towards our destiny in 2016.

v  We the Barendse Griqua House under the leadership of Minnie Wilhemiena Barendse Kruger would like to be recognised by government.

v  We as the BGH would like to benefit from Government Funding.

v  To improve on poverty eluviation in the Naledi and District Municipalities in the DRSM and entire North West.

v  Our King and Kapteine being looked after in terms of Safety and Security.

v  Our leaders be treated with respect and dignity

v  We as Griqua`s clan must live out our CULTURE and start to learn our LANGUAGE and start to be a nation who stand together, fight for the rights of our people to have a better life.

v  To improve and resubmit business plans that did not get funding on previous submitting.

v  To put land claims as collective for the Griqua communities.

v  Om in elke provinsie die administrasie in order te kry, kantore ten volle te beman in die Distriks ook.

v  Om alle Huise in die Provinsies bekend te stel aan die Premier en Tradisionele Huise.

v  Alle Provinsiale leiers moet deel uitmaak van die GRIQUA ROYAL HOUSE se Administrasie.



Our prayer is to join hands with the Government of the day and walk in the footsteps of our ancestors and create a country of peace and harmony.





Chief Chris Leonard Pienaar


Kaptein M W Barendse Kruger


















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29.05 | 15:04

In the Griqua Royal history abstract, mention is made of my great great grandfather William John Elsort Crossley. However I can't find any mention of him

28.05 | 08:08

I’m doing research on my great grandfathers , Adam Kok... please contact me if you have any information

25.05 | 16:05

Aam researching my great great grandfather William John Elsort Crossley, secretary to Adam Kok. I have a copy of a document in his own hand. July 1860

20.05 | 15:46

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