Celebrating of 20 years of democracy


Ms Sylvia Lukas Premier of the Northern Cape Province will deliver a key note address and unveil the monument in commemoration celebration of the life of the apartheid recognised Griqua Captain Adam Kok IV, 125 years after his birth. This icon was part on the establishing of the ANC in 1912.

The Griqua Royal House organises the event in commemoration of their freedom fighter and leader, Kok, this occasion will be attended by dignitaries of Namibia and Botswana on the 11th October 2014

Adam Kok IV was born the 4th October 1889, at Knoffelvalley, later known as Campbell. He was the eldest son of Abraham Kok and Margaret Steenkamp. His brother was Gert Kok. Adam was an ambitious young brilliant but humble guy. He was raised very religious due to griqua customs. He married Cornelia (Meid) Visazie in 1929. They have ten children together, but only two daughters are still alive and they will attend the event. Due to the apartheids regimes law, the community was moved on several occasions, but his last house where both passed on, is still in the original form as it was when they was still alive but his baby daughter Sara (Kok) Naidoo resided.

On the 22 June 1936 the magistrate of Douglas has inspected the building on the lot of Bartlett, referred to as the “DIE OU GRIEKWA KERK’’, find him there. He stated that he was born in 1889, distinctly remembered used by his fore-fathers as a church when he was a child, the magistrate declare that the building was 90 years old. In January 1955 there was an appointment of far reaching importance and consequence to the Anglicans (an indeed, the people of all denominations) of the Griqua community at Campbell. The appointment of Captain Adam Kok IV, hereditary chief of the Griqua people, as senior catechist at the Griqua Church, the oldest existing church in South Africa north of the Orange River and an historical monument was welcome by the Griqua nation and seen as an achievement. This assuming old gentlemen that time 75 years, white haired and quite yet one of the most forceful preachers in the vast area which his forebears once owned, was the present head of the ‘’family clan Kok’s and he is by birth and obviously the head of the Royal Family of the Griqua people’’. This occasion by celebration Captain Adam Kok IV achievement has made his church and congregation a model and an example of what sincere, humble and forthright leadership can do recalls to mind the little-known but historically momentous part played by the Kok’s of Campbell in the story of Griqualand West. His is a descendant of Cornelius Kok II. The life and history of the distinctive Khoisan descendants, culture of the Khoisan nation and languages are still preserved under difficulties. The restoration of traditional communities and their influence in the future will play a big role in the respective municipal areas, as currently emphasized in a Bill ("Traditional Affairs Bill") for consideration.

The celebrations will start at 10:00 with the traditional dancers then proceed to the cemetery where the unveiling will precede the address by the Premier Sylvia Lukas and attend by various Khoisan’s.

For enquiries: Aaron M.W. Messelaar 021 932 9901/078 992 2722

FREEDOM FIGHTER AND LEADER: ADAM KOK IV Celebrating of 20 years of democracy

Aaron M.W. Messelaar

Tel: 021 932 9901/078 992 2722

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I am researching my Great Great Grandfather Missionary Christoph Andreas Sass who married an Orlam Kaaitjie Engelbrecht in Silver Fountain 1817. Any help please

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I am doing research of my Great Great Grandfather Christoph Andreas Sass who was a missionary in Namaqualand from 1811 and moved to Captain Cornelius Kok's Kraa

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Thanks Joe

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