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VISION 2016/2017
1652, niks, geen, niks, geen, net mooi niks. Net Tafelberg die statige majestiese vors teen die agtergrond. Dit is nou 350 jaar later, Tafelberg ‘n jaar terug verklaar as die nuuste wêreldwonder – ‘n stuk berg.
Hardloop Khoisankind met wiel in die hand in kringe en kringe Tafelberg uit maar het hy al sy plek gevind…????
Dit is op hierdie dag 21st Januarie 2016, dat ons, die nageslagte van Adam Kok ons opnuut verbind tot die herstelling van die Griekwa volk. Eens misken, misbruik en onderdruk maar sweer ons vandag op voorouergrafte dat ons gaan opneem en eis wat ons toekom en sodoenede die regte, vryhede en toekoms van ons nageslagte te verseker.
On this day, the 21st of January 2016, we, as the descendants of Adam Kok renew our vows to the emancipation and restitution of the Griqua folk. Once misplaced, divided and uprooted. The history, knowledge, peaceful and positive attitude and inputs of the Griqua people were misused over the centuries. We are strong. We are proud. We are the future. We need to stand up and fight for our rights, the rights taken from our Forefathers. To do this we need to stand together as a union together as the proud descendants of Adam Kok, the real and only aboriginal people of South Africa. Our numbers have declined over the years and the only way to make our heritage stay alive is by standing together as one. One voice one believe system one, in all we do. We are all strong people with strong minds and even stronger believes. However we need to stop the marginalization of our heritage, rights and economic freedom.
It is therefore important that our programs as already decided upon are rolled out with the much needed vigour, energy and enthusiasm so as to achieve our common objectives. This will means that each and very Commissioner needs to understand his or her portfolio and drive it to seek and delivered outcomes.
2016/2017 will seek the activation of the emancipation of the Griqua folk, a year of action and deliberate change. Therefore more than ever before do we as agents of change plays a more aggressive and dominant role if we want to achieve our objectives.
Your’s truly
Derick Mouton
Commissioner/Kommissaris: Griqua Royal House
CEO: Griqua Community Development and Business Trust
(By the directors of the Griqua Community Development and Business Trust IT845/2011)
1. The years 2016/2017 will seek to accelerate our chosen programs which will included identity reclassification, the finalization and processing of formal land claims, the implementation of the business model objectives, and finally the creation of a data base which will make sure every Griqua Royal House follower are registered and documented in each city and town across the world and our homeland. This need to include online registration.
2. Identity reclassification will means to abandon the current identity and “false/inaccurate labelling” as per identity book/cards and seek for reclassification as Griqua with the Department of Home Affairs. This might be met with firm resistance by the regime but will practically show that we are serious about our identity and subsequent objectives. A targeted printed as well as electronic media and social media campaign to this effect must be launched locally as well as internationally. The objective will be to create as much awareness and effect we can.
3. The business arm of the Griqua Royal House needs to be activated sooner than later so as to give the necessary impetus that will launch, activate and financially sustain other programs. The business trust have a critical role to play in all of this. Griqua, we can and must not sleep and wander anymore as the forces that be, are buying time to finally kill the aspirations, rights and economic freedom of the Griqua folk. We need to have a mid-year conference to report back on this.
4. Equal to this as a matter of importance needs to be the finalization of the formal land claims by the Griqua Royal House on behalf of the Griqua folk. This will serves as a symbolic gesture as the idea must be that we must hand in our claim at the Lands Claim Office in Cape Town and received by the President of the Republic of South Africa with as much media coverage that we can get out of it. Our King Adam Kok the 5TH himself have to deliver this to the President.
5. We need to have by the end of 2016 one million registered members on our database, which will include followers locally as well as international. We need to organise a march to parliament in 2017, the Union buildings, as well as other key national security points.
6. The GCDBT’s reputation to grow exponentially as a powerful and meaningful energy in the Khoisan communities and all its activities are geared toward the successful manifestation of the trust deed.
7. In 2016/2017, the trust will be adequately funded to initiate its first steps in bringing lasting economic empowerment and cultural heritage to its people the following cultural preservation activities: (a) Online Khoisan language tutor (Nama, Griqua & Khoekhoegowab languages), (b) Indigenous knowledge systems (flora and other traditional remedies and
beauty care), (c) Traditional group dance/drama (Krotoa dance/drama group), (d) Griqua art (exhibition platform for upcoming artists), (e) Traditional beading and weaving (handcrafted bead work), (f) Cultural events.
8. The relationship with the lotto is 100% compliant to ensure successful and continued support from them as from 2016 and every year thereafter, for as long as the trust is in existence. The trust’s participation in funded cultural events opens up opportunities to expand on services to the Khoisan communities. The trust is active in networking to broaden its pool of benefactors through its initiation and expansion activities. Once initiated, all activities/projects listed will generate income for the trust.
9. The trust successfully applies for local and international funding opportunities sourced though existing networks, referrals and research. These funds are applied to enhance existing activities/projects and to initiate new projects identified by the trust:
Funding target for 2016/2017:
Lotto: R5 million – pending
National: R1 million – will commence in March 2016
International: R1 million – will commence in March 2016
By the end of 2016/2017, the trust is to be firmly established in its communities and financially maintain and grow all its activities and projects.
10. Focus on youth entrepreneurial development (entrepreneurship awareness and registration of businesses, in association with The Business Associate, which is a service provider for National Youth Development Agency).
11. Focus on rural areas (registering of Co-Operatives for farming and businesses) with the GCDBT acting as administrators for the Co-Op’s.
12. Workshops on saving and investment opportunities.
13. Focus on established businesses in our communities (enterprise development, tender workshops, etc., in association with The Business Associate).
14. Focus on Griqua/Khoisan identity and cultural awareness programs in our communities.

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