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This ritual had slowly died or fades among'st the Griqua people. The Griqua nation is from a mix origin of khoi, san, slaves, blacks and whites are well known for their hunting expedition trips in the late 17th and early 18th century. These hunting expeditions have made many young boys curious but were seen only for men. Sons was seen as the successors of their father’s that’s why many fathers had trained their sons under their auspices and guide direct him in the way he feels the son must be.
When boys get interest into hunting the elders consider a ceremony in the bush where it seems to be far from women and children. This was seen as the initiation time period.
Sometimes all the boys in that particular Griqua community who are interest in hunting were collect and take to the bush where they built a big hut , a few leaders stays among'st them. The initiation of circumcision took place and they stays for almost a month in the bush living on milk, honey and meat. The knife used for the circumcision was mostly a sharp stone or homemade knife who very sharp.
While they are in the bush the eldest teach them how to behave among'st women, to build a house and to hunt. During this period no contact with family was allowed. It was amazed that women abuse among'st the Griqua nation has never exist. Women are treated with such respect and love.
The day before the celebration the father of the boy slaughter a goat and invite Captain and his council ask permission that his son be accepted as a man in the community. Due to Griqua culture the meeting will last as long as the pot still cooking, when they dish up it ends. During the 18th century circumcision was the one of the rituals among'st the Griqua people, but this cultural practicing has slowly died or fades out.
The Dutch missionaries like John Campbell and William Anderson with their teaching of civilization has brought stop to this cultural practicing.
Today this culture doesn’t exist anymore among'st the Griqua nation. Many leaders like James Kaniyelis , Tom Le Fleur had become political leaders and not traditional leaders. The custodian of the culture had died who had striven for it.

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I am researching my Great Great Grandfather Missionary Christoph Andreas Sass who married an Orlam Kaaitjie Engelbrecht in Silver Fountain 1817. Any help please

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I am doing research of my Great Great Grandfather Christoph Andreas Sass who was a missionary in Namaqualand from 1811 and moved to Captain Cornelius Kok's Kraa

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